Learn with us

RTD has partnered with some of the top math teachers in the province in developing the most comprehensive and effective Math 30-1 learning resources you will find anywhere.

Custom tailored to the Alberta Math 30-1 curriculum and the most recent diploma exam exemplars, these learning resources are you’ll need to get your best mark possible.

New for students taking Math 30-1 February to June 2021. You can choose full semester support or only choose to study with us during quarter 3 or quarter 4

What’s included in the Power Support Course

Comprehensive Notes, Learning Activities, and Practice Questions - These print resources are part of a complete workbook project we’ll have fully ready for 2021. Print yourself or receive by mail.

Accompanying Learning Videos - We’ll guide you through the notes and learning activities step-by-step.

Structured classes in our interactive online classroom. These classes will run Tuesdays and Thursday, 6:45pm – 8:00pm, from February 2nd to June 10th. (38 classes)
Based on student feedback (what units they are currently studying), this regular classes will be used to provided added instruction and Q&A time on the most challenging course topics

VALUE: Students will have access to all study materials, all videos (these are in production and will be added throughout November), and all scheduled Tues/Thurs online classes. Study materials include comprehensive course notes, professionally developed by our team of in the know Math teachers, as well as loads of relevant practice questions featuring questions just like you’ll see on unit tests and exams. So much Math 30-1 learning support for just $149(quarter) or $229(full semester)!